Candy/Dessert Buffets

Call us today about our candy and dessert buffets, add this to your chocolate fountain

and we will create an entire dessert experience for your guests!  Call today 937-608-0646.



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        Candy/Dessert Buffets

Add a candy buffet to the chocolate fountain at your event for a full dessert experience.

Basic candy buffet-$4.00 per person, includes 7-8 different types of candy/dessert items, sweet popcorn, and 2 different chocolate dipped treats. 

Customized candy buffet-$5.50 per person, includes 8-10 color-specific types of candy/dessert items, sweet popcorn, and 2 different chocolate dipped treats.

 (see themes below)

White Nights (all white)

Black Tie (black and white)

Tickled Pink (all shades of pink)

Sweet Love (all red)

Sugar & Spice (brown and pink)

Over the Rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

Pastel (pink, light blue, mint green, yellow)

Fall into Autumn (red, orange, yellow)

School Spirit (your 2 school colors)

All candy/dessert items are displayed in beautiful containers with scoops.  Disposable bowls are included.  Each candy item will have a name sign.  Scoops can be accented with organza ribbon in your event color.  The top of the table will be decorated with white twinkle lights and tulle netting to coordinate with your event.  

Candy buffets are perfect for weddings, graduation parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs', corporate events, holiday parties, employee appreciation.  Many customers use the Candy Buffet as a favor for their guests...but an even newer trend is to layer dessert treats in with the Candy Buffet, provide bowls and let the guests enjoy the treats during your event!!!

Types of candies/desserts:  caramel cremes, licorice, oversized malted milk balls, hard candy sticks, melt-away mints, mini "soda" bottles,  lemon heads,  Jelly-Belly jellybeans, Andes mints, peppermints, Skittles, M-n-Ms, peach rings, Swedish fish, cherry sours, gummy worms, sour worms, gummy bears, bit-o-honey, gum balls, citrus slices, circus marshmallow peanuts, suckers, nerds, caramels, orange slices,  Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, candy corn, cherry slices, spearmint leaves, candy necklaces, "gold" coins, Smarties, butter glazed sweet popcorn (tinted to coordinate with your event) Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered cherries in white or dark chocolate, cheesecake & chocolate cookies, coconut macaroons, and more!

A Chocolate Celebration is constantly searching for unique, fun, and different candies to add to the Candy/Dessert Buffet.  Some items are only available seasonally.   A Chocolate Celebration uses only the freshest, tastiest, most desirable candies for your Candy Buffet.

The following items may be added to either your chocolate fountain rental or to your Candy/Dessert Buffet:

*chocolate covered cherries         $50 for 75         (available in white or semi-sweet dark)

 *chocolate covered Oreos            $50 for  75       (available in white or semi-sweet dark swirled w/ the alternate type of chocolate)






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