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Call us today about our candy and dessert buffets, add this to your chocolate fountain

and we will create an entire dessert experience for your guests!  Call today 937-608-0646.



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We can provide dipping items, including:

Basic Dippers  $1.25 per person:  (Select 4)

*Rice Krispy Treats

*Fresh-Ripe Strawberries

*Graham Sticks

*Honey-Wheat Pretzel Braids


*White Marshmallows

*Pink Marshmallows (strawberry flavored)

*Brown Marshmallows (chocolate flavored-based on availability)

*Fresh Pineapple 

*Granola Bars

*Green Apples

*Red Apples

*Traditional Vanilla Wafers

*Vanilla Sugar Wafers

*Strawberry Sugar Wafers

*Chocolate Sugar Wafers

*Traditional Oreo Cookies

*Mint Oreo Cookies (based on availability)

*Chips Ahoy Cookies

*Animal Crackers

*Vanilla Cream Cookies

*Pretzel Rods

*Oatmeal Cookies

*Sugar Cookies


Upgrade Dippers  $2.50 per person:  (Select 2 Upgrade and 4 Basic dippers)

*Cream Puffs

*Double-Stuff Oreos

*Pound Cake (chocolate is poured over cake)


*Maraschino Cherries with stems



*Red Raspberries

*Black Raspberries





*Honeydew Melon

*Double Chocolate Brownies 

*Walker Shortbread Cookies


*Biscotti cookies

*Donut holes


*Marshmallow Peeps (based on availability)

*Pizzelle Waffle cookies (based on availability)



All food will be prepped and ready for dipping at your event.

Small plates are included with purchase of dippers.


All dipping items provided are fresh.  Fruit is not canned or frozen.


Basic fountain price is $399, plus applicable tax.  Dippers may be 

purchased through your catering group, or I can provide them at 

an extra charge per person (prices listed above.) 



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