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Questions and Answers:

1.  What are my choices of chocolate flavor for the chocolate fountain?    

Dark (semi-sweet), Milk and White chocolate are available.  White Chocolate may be colored pink or blue for baby showers.  Most clients select the Dark Chocolate, which is not bitter and looks wonderful in the chocolate fountain.   


2.  How much chocolate is needed for my event?

20 lbs of chocolate are included with your rental of the fountain.

This is the minimum amount required to run the fountain effectively.

This will easily serve up to 250 guests.  Additional chocolate may be purchased in 10 lbs. increments to accommodate larger groups, longer events or if your group

are true chocoloholics.


3.  How many people will the chocolate fountain serve?

Due to the fact that more chocolate can be added during the event, the chocolate fountain can serve an unlimited number of guests.  For very large event (over 500), we recommend renting 2 fountains to keep lines shorter.  (Ask about reduced pricing when renting 2 or more fountains.)


4.  How big is the fountain?

The chocolate fountain is a sturdy, commercial grade piece of equipment.  Made of stainless steel, the fountain is 34" in height and 18.5" in diameter and weighs 110 lbs. before adding chocolate and 135 lbs. with chocolate.


5.  Do I need to assign someone to watch the fountain during my event?      NO!  A Chocolate Celebration will send a trained, professional attendant who will set up, maintain, tear down, and clean the fountain.


6.  Are the dippers that are listed on this web site the only dippers available?     NO!  The sky is the limit... Please use your imagination and call or email for a quote on the items you would like to dip.  The only items that can not be dipped, are ones that crumble easily.  This disrupts the flow of chocolate in the fountain.  However, using a small ladle will enable you to enjoy chocolate on almost anything.  A Chocolate Celebration would ask that peanut items not be used with the fountain as a growing number of children and adults have severe peanut allergies.  Our fountains are peanut-free to promote safety for all clients and their guests.


7.  Who provides the dippers?

We appreciate and respect the fact that you may already be working with a reception facility or caterer.  Please feel free to work with your food provider for your supply of dippers.  You may also provide them yourself, or we can provide them for you.  Please select the dipper provider option that is easiest for you.  We will provide crystal serve ware and will create a beautiful display REGARDLESS of who provides the dippers.


8.  Do you provide decorations for around the chocolate fountain?

The chocolate fountain is the ultimate decoration for your event.  Tulle and white twinkle lights, along with the crystal serve ware are provided standard with each fountain rental.  Please have the reception facility provide table linens and skirting for the table. Please check under "Decorations" to view the fabric decoration options available for the fountain table.


9.  What are the table and electrical requirements?

Because the chocolate fountain weighs 135 lbs. full of chocolate, it is critical for the table to be sturdy and level.  If the table is not level, chocolate will not flow properly.  A table length of at least 4 foot is required for a complete presentation.  Your banquet/reception facility should provide 2 table linens/skirting in your color scheme for the chocolate fountain table.  The chocolate fountain requires a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet within 5 feet of the set up location.


10.  Can the chocolate fountain be used outdoors?

It is not recommended.  Insects enjoy the sweet chocolate as much as the guests at your event, plus temperatures outdoors may disrupt the flow of chocolate in the chocolate fountain.


11.  Ok, I love the chocolate fountain and NEED it for my event, Now What????    We require a reservation, a signed contract and a 

$200 non-refundable deposit* at the time of booking the chocolate fountain.  This will ensure availability of your chocolate fountain.  Reservations are limited and should be made well in advance.  We operate on a first come, first serve basis.  The balance of your payment is due 10 days prior to your scheduled event date.


*The $200 deposit is non-refundable, however it may be used for a future chocolate fountain booking.


12.  What methods of payment can I use?

Cash, Check*, Debit Cards and Credit Cards are accepted.

*Please note a $25.00 fee is assessed for Returned Checks.



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